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Intaglio Inks for Flat Die Stamping


Intaglio Inks for Flat Die Stamping are water soluble inks.  These inks become waterproof, once the ink has dried.  The Intaglio Inks shrink as they dry, thus, producing a very sharp, clean impression when printed.  When the Intaglio Inks are fully cured, they are rub-resistant and produce chip-free impressions that can not be removed from the paper without tearing the substrate itself.


All Intaglio Ink colors and blacks are compatible with laser printers.  The heat produced by the laser printer has no adverse effect on the Intaglio Inks, unlike varnish inks and thermography.


Intaglio Inks for Flat Die Stamping are available in 5 Kg and 25 Kg containers.

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