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February 2003

International Ink Company (IIC) has always placed a high priority on their R&D department, which has led to the development of many new Security Inks and Coatings.  As a result of internal R&D, acquisitions and collaborative relationships, IIC produces Inks and Coatings for Flexographic, Offset, Intaglio, Letterpress, Rotogravure and Silkscreen printing. 

IIC does not employ sales personnel, preferring that those personnel who work with customers have both a chemistry background and hands on experience in the printing industry. We believe that cross trained personnel can better comprehend printing requirements and problems and work with your printing personnel to provide realistic and cost effective solutions to the many different printing requirements. 

IIC is believed to now offer the most comprehensive range of Security Inks of any company in the world.  Serving customers worldwide, IIC continues to provide fast and reliable service at competitive prices, irrespective of where the customer may be located. 

The IIC website at ( provides far greater detail on the wide variety of Security and Commercial Inks offered; however, listed are several recent examples of the unique and innovative service IIC provides as a matter of routine to our customers: 

*     One of the world’s largest postal services found they were losing millions of dollars a year because of counterfeit stamps because their electronic mail sorting equipment could not distinguish counterfeit from genuine stamps.  Presented with the problem, IIC developed an invisible coating that with one application during the printing process ensures that the electronic sorting machines will now reject stamps that do not have the IIC coating thereby saving millions of dollars a year. 

*        A large printing company with a number of plants in various countries in South and North America had a requirement for a UV Dual-Band Invisible Ink (366nm and 254nm), but was only able to obtain a Single-Band Invisible Ink.  Given the requirement, IIC developed a Dual-Band Invisible Ink that can be used in any printing process and which will show one color under long wave UV and a different color under short wave UV.  For example: Blue to Red, Green to Orange, Red to Green, Blue to Green, etc. 

 *        One of the largest Asian printing companies asked IIC to develop Ink that would permit them to produce legible micro printing on a Flexographic press.  IIC quickly developed Ink that permits 2000-line Anilox printing, which permits them to print ˝ point micro text. 

 *          Waterbased Scratch Off Inks:  Since IIC is among the world’s most successful Ink manufacturers to support the rapidly growing Lottery and Commercial Game industries, IIC has developed one of the most secure, high-opacity Waterbased Scratch Off Inks in the market.  These Inks are produced in different colors such as Silver, Charcoal, etc., for Flexographic, Rotogravure and Silkscreen printing.  With our extensive knowledge of the requirements of these industries, IIC has built every type of security possible into these Inks to produce a secure world-class ticket. 

*     Invisible Benday Inks:  Benday are small lines that are printed above or below the variable image.  Most of the Benday is printed in Visible Ink, however, IIC has developed Invisible Benday Ink, which adds even more security to scratch off tickets. 

Newly developed Security Inks include the following, which are used to preclude counterfeiting in Currency, Passports, Credit Cards, Identity Cards and other types of high value Security Documents, which addresses an increasingly important market, i.e., secure printing to preclude identity theft and preclude the fraudulent use of identity cards, passports, etc. 

*     IR / Visible Ink:  This ink, which is completely invisible, is one of the most secure Inks available in the market and is used by Mints to add an additional security feature to Currency.  When the Ink is exposed to the proper wavelength, it emits a color in the visible range.  Inks are produced in different varieties of wavelengths from 880 to 1050 nm. 

*      IR/IR Inks:  This is visible Ink that has an IR pigment or dye included.  A visible light shows just the regular Ink, which would be printed as an overprint with normal graphic Ink, other than carbon black.  Once it is looked at in a dark room, using IR equipment, such as night vision equipment, the IR part of the Ink will emit light. 

*      IR/Absorption:  This is an Invisible Ink that absorbs a certain amount of IR/Laser spectrum and emits the balance.  This Ink is custom made to the wavelength required in a range from 800nm to 1200nm.  This Security Ink is at the highest end in the IR/Laser family.  The reader for this has to match the absorbed portion of the spectrum, along with the bandwidth. 

Since printing companies worldwide are faced with increased competition and higher production costs, IIC offers you unparalleled quality product, service and support.   

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