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January 2003

International Ink Company (IIC) has consistently sought to develop new and better Inks and Coatings to fulfill customer requirements.  By adding to its current product lines of Intaglio, Rotogravure, Silkscreen, Flexographic, Lithographic (Offset), Letterpress and Pad Printing Inks, IIC ensures that our customers benefit from the most extensive line of Inks and Coatings available.  IIC takes this opportunity to invite your attention to the fact that IIC has again expanded its Security and Specialty Inks product lines.  IIC now offers:

IR to Visible Inks
IR Absorption Inks
IR to IR Inks
Dual Band UV Invisible Inks
Color Shifting Inks
Sheetfed Offset Inks
Web Offset Inks
Invisible Laser Inks
Invisible UV - Latent Reaction Inks

IIC is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Security and Specialty Inks and Coatings.  We are confident that our newest Inks further demonstrate our commitment to enhanced customer satisfaction.

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