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Press Release - March 25, 2003                          

Announcing development of unique family of Ultra-High Security Invisible Inks

Gainesville, Georgia, USA March 25, 2003 – International Ink Company LLC (IIC), a Security and Commercial Ink manufacturer with main offices in Gainesville, Georgia is pleased to announce the development of a unique family of Ultra-High Security Invisible Inks.  This Series of High-Security Inks are believed to be the most sophisticated and effective means of detecting fraudulent identity documents, currency counterfeiting, brand counterfeiting, etc., yet devised. 

IIC Inks are offered in all colors for Flexographic, Intaglio, Letterpress, Rotogravure, Offset and Silkscreen printing.  In all, IIC is believed to offer the most comprehensive range of Security Inks and Coatings of any company in the world. 

The Invisible Forensic Inks (IFI) can be used on drivers’ licenses, credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, passports, checks, currency and other high value security and documents and instruments.  The Brand Protection Inks (BPI) has extensive commercial applications for the music, software, pharmaceutical industries and other high value commercial applications.  The Inks are offered in the widest spectrum of colors in the Visible IR range (Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Purple) as well as IR-to-IR; Dual UV IR and can be used with equal ease in any type printing. 

This unique Security Inks Series contains inert materials that have a wide variety of Security characteristics, can be milled down to 1.5 microns and are completely invisible.  They are chemically and thermally stable.  They will not react with water or dilute acids and retain their integrity after being heated or exposed to direct sunlight. They have an extremely long lifetime that provides a significant edge over their less efficient and unstable organic dye counterparts.   

All potential purchasers must go through an extensive evaluation and company qualification.

The Inks contain a code, which can be made unique to a given customer.  They are inert, non-reactive, non-toxic, and absolutely safe for human handling as well as being environmentally friendly.  Because of the intensity of luminescence and the enhanced sensitivity of the IIC detectors, the coded materials can easily be detected through different types of sealed packaging.  The Invisible Ink code can be readily detected through a sealed carton and wrapping.  This Invisible Security Ink Series allows virtually all types of documentation and commercial products of value to be instantly and intelligently recognized as genuine or counterfeit and is therefore the most cost effective and efficient solution to the problem of counterfeiting in the market today.

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