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Press Release - September 16, 2003                                                                                                                       International Ink Company, LLC (IIC) is pleased to share with you and your colleagues information concerning still another exciting new High Security Ink in IICís rapidly expanding family of unique invisible High Security Inks.  The latest family of invisible Machine Readable Brand Protection Inks (MR BPI) was developed to provide machine-readable brand protection for commercial products.  These Inks are particularly suited for use by the pharmaceutical; spare parts, CD and DVD, toy and similar commercial industries. 

MR BPI can be printed on paper, labels, cardboard and plastics by routine Offset, Flexographic, Rotogravure, Letterpress, Silkscreen and Intaglio printing process.  They can also be printed with different types of Ink Jet printing processes such as Video Jet, Hewlett Packard, Domino, Scitex, etc., to produce invisible bar codes and 2-D codes that contain dynamic information and up to 46 alpha numeric characters about the specific item. This enables a significant amount of information to be printed invisibly and permits precise tracking and tracing throughout the production and distribution chain. Only IICís unique hand held readers can detect the presence of MR BPI. 

Other IIC families of invisible High Security Inks offer the highest level of security protection against fraudulent documentation and brand counterfeiting available in the world today.  These unique Invisible High Security Inks have innumerable potential uses for authentication of any printed materials such as identity cards, drivers licenses, credit and debit cards, passports currency and other high security instruments and high value products such as cigarettes, sporting goods, clothing and other high value industries that are plagued by counterfeiting and require Brand Protection. 

To obtain additional information please visit our website at  To discuss this and other exciting new Security Inks or other IIC Inks please contact our Technical Department.

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