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Product Details & Technical Data Sheet

Solvent-Based Inks & Coatings
Inter-Solv Series


International Ink Company offers a complete line of solvent-based printing inks for polyolefin film and paper.  This primary line carries matches for the 14 basic colors in the PMS color guide.  Also available are press-side additives, including various solvent blends to vary dry speed, to assist the press personnel.  Our technical staff will match any customer colors not found in color guidebooks.  This particular system is FDA approved for indirect contact. 

Other products available in this line include extender varnish, high gloss overprint varnish, matte (or dull) overprint varnish), true gold and silver metallic inks, and fluorescent colors.


For information regarding other solvent-based printing ink products, please refer to the Solvent Base and Waterbased Primers section.


Inter-Solv Series Inks are available in 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers.