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Product Details & Technical Data Sheet

Ultraviolet (UV) Pigmented Inks & Coatings
UV Pigmented Inks


International Ink Company offers a complete line of Ultraviolet Pigmented Inks including Four-Color Process and a match to the fourteen basic IIC Colors.  We also have available a compliment of Press-Side Additives which may be required. 

The press proven Four-Color Process Inks that have been formulated for both paper and film substrates exhibit high-density readings, excellent dot formation and little dot gain.  Line colors are at the highest pigment levels to achieve density readings.  Inks have performed extremely well at press speeds of 200 to 250 feet per minute in the Flexographic application, with complete cure at 400 to 600 watts.

 High-density readings for the four-color process have been obtained employing an 800 or 900 line, 2 BCM Anilox roll and for the line colors using a 500 line, 3.6 BCM Anilox roll.

Using the color guidebook, a large number of colors can be matched with the fourteen basic colors, or specific color copies that you may wish to submit can be matched.


UV Pigmented Inks are produced and packaged in 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers.