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Specialty Inks
Web Offset Inks


Web Offset Inks are available in a wide variety technologies, such as Heat Set, Cold Set, Overprint Varnishes, Specialty Black Inks and Metallic Inks.  

Heat Set Web Offset Inks incorporate a high melting resin technology which yields exceptional hardness of the dried ink film, while maintaining good press stability and fast drying characteristics.

Cold Set Web Offset Inks are available as a soya-based ink systems which exhibit excellent press stability and print qualities.  These Inks run with success on web process on all varieties of porous stocks (Offset papers).

Overprint Varnishes are available for Sheetfed and Heat Set Web Inks in gloss, matte, wax-free, in-line wet and extra-strength rub resistance.

Metallic Inks in a vast variety of colors are also available in the Web Offset Inks series.

Web-Solution Concentrate is formulated to work with all plates, inks and papers.  The Web-Solution Concentrate exhibits no VOC's; it is non-toxic and non-flammable.


Web Offset Inks are formulated for            printing press methods.


Web Offset Inks are available in          containers.