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allow forgers and counterfeiters to quickly and inexpensively compromise value documents such as Checks, Stamps, Currency, Instant Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets and other Security instruments. This leaves producers, distributors and end users open to liability for billions of dollars in losses.

Specialty Inks and Ink processes can greatly reduce the possibility of fraud. International Ink Company (IIC) is a world leader in Specialty Inks designed for anti-counterfeit and anti-forgery applications. The IIC team boasts years of experience in the Security Ink field. Our expertise, innovation

Producers of value documents are increasingly at risk for substantial monetary losses due to the burgeoning cases of document fraud. Highly sophisticated scanning and reprographic technologies
and focus on quality and service place IIC at the forefront of the security ink industry. Renowned experts in the field of forensic document examination are on staff to ensure the efficacy of our Security Ink formulations. IIC's Security Inks are used by the world's most demanding security printers for their most difficult applications.
In addition, IIC offers a comprehensive line of environmentally safe inks and coating products for the fast-growing graphics printing industry.

Let International Ink Company offer the solution for your Commercial and unique Security printing needs.