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Press Release
January 1, 1997


The International Ink Company, LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Homasco International Corporation from Houle & Masse, Inc. The purchase of the assets of Homasco International Corporation and the exclusive rights to all Security Ink formulas of Houle & Masse, Inc., was effective as of midnight December 31, 1996.

With the acquisition of Homasco International, the parent company, Houle & Masse, Inc., of St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada; will no longer manufacture or market Security Inks.

The International Ink Company, LLC, a printing ink manufacturer whose expertise is in Specialty Inks formulated for the Security printing industry, will continue to operate the former Homasco facility at 2338 Centennial Circle, Gainesville, Georgia 30504, USA.

International Ink Company's experienced and highly skilled management team is led by the President, Dr. Ashraf T. Farag. His academic credentials include D.Sc., M.Sc., Chemistry, Oxford University, England and Ph. D., Chemistry McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

International Ink Company, LLC is one of only several printing ink manufacturers in the world specializing in Security Inks, Specialty Inks including Thermochromic, Photochromic, pH-indicator, Thermal inks, Liquid Crystal, Invisible Varnishes, Radiant Energy Activating Inks, Interference Inks, etc., along with a full line of commercial Silkscreen, Flexographic, Rotogravure Ultraviolet and Electron Beam inks.

Dr. Farag has been recognized as a leading authority in the Security Ink manufacturing industry for the past ten years. He has researched, developed and marketed over eighty percent of the Security Inks used worldwide in Rotogravure, Silkscreen and Flexographic printing.

For further information contact: Dr. Ashraf T. Farag,  International Ink Company:

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