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August 1999

International Ink Company, LLC is pleased to announce our move into our new corporate facility in August 1999.

The Corporate Headquarters of International Ink Company, a world leading Security and Commercial Ink manufacturer, whose expertise is Specialty Inks formulated for the Security and Commercial printing industry, is now located at 775 Dorsey Street; Gainesville, Georgia 30501 USA.  The company currently has International offices in China, Korea, Britain, Chile, France, Mexico and Brazil.

International Ink Company produces a full line of Water-Based Inks for Narrow and Wide Web Flexographic presses, Rotogravure and Silkscreen printing methods.  Our product lines include Tinting Inks, Envelope Inks, Thermal Inks, Film Inks, etc.

International Ink's experienced and highly skilled team is led by the President, Ashraf T. Farag, Ph.D. His academic credentials include B.Sc., M.Sc., Chemistry, Oxford University, England and Ph.D., Chemistry, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

International Ink Company is one of the elite few ink manufacturers in the world who offers a comprehensive line of both high quality Commercial and Security Inks. The company specializes in Water Based, Solvent Based and Ultraviolet (UV) Curable Inks and Coatings for the Narrow and Wide Web Flexographic and Gravure Printing processes. IIC's Flexographic Inks are manufactured to achieve high density using 800 to 1,000 line screen Anilox rolls on Narrow and Wide Web Flexographic presses.

International Ink's Specialty Inks include Thermochromics, Photochromics, pH Indicators, Thermal Inks, Liquid Crystal, Invisible Varnishes, Scratch-Off, Ink-Jet Receptive Coatings, Glitter, Interference Inks and Phosphorescent Inks.

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