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Inter-Prime Series
Laser Receptive Primers


The advent of ink jet variable imaging and laser printing has created new challenges in the field of Laser Receptive Primers, since printed matter is produced at high speed, with little dry time. Due to the nature of the polyester resin employed in the laser imaging ink, there is a high contact angle at the ink to paper interface. Thus, only small amounts of liquid ink are absorbed into the substrate. This leaves un-dried ink on the printed surface, and when touched, the ink smudges.

To counter this challenge, International Ink Company offers Laser Receptive Primers that create an absorbing layer for the ink when printed. Instant drying of the printed matter occurs, eliminating the undesirable smudging. The Primers can be applied using Flexographic, Rotogravure, or Silkscreen printing processes, and is supplied in a Waterbased system.

Depending upon the various absorbing material used in the formulation, the Laser Receptive Primer may be clear and glossy, semi-opaque, matte (dull), or fully opaque.


Laser Receptive Primers are produced and packaged in 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers, and 55-gallon drums.