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Security Inks
Color Shifting Inks


Color Shifting Inks utilize a unique type of pigmentation that changes color depending on the angle of the light.  By using these inks, it will become impossible to re-print documents using a photocopier, scanner or digital camera because of the color variations.  Therefore, the original effects of the document cannot be reproduced.


Color Shifting Inks are used to print Secure documents, such as Driverís License, Monetary Documents, Bonds, Checks, etc., by utilizing Flexographic, Intaglio, Silkscreen or Rotogravure printing methods.  These inks are formulated in Ultraviolet, Solvent-based and Oil-based systems.  These inks are available in a wide variety of colors.


Color Shifting Inks are packaged in 2-Lb., 5-Lb., 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon containers.