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Security Inks
Holographic Inks


International Ink Company (IIC) manufactures superior press proven Ultraviolet Curable Holographic Inks and Coatings for both Flexographic and Silkscreen printing.  These unique secure and decorative features produce finished products with tremendous eye appeal.  The ink gives the rainbow effect for holographic hot stamping. 

Holographic can also be used as a Security feature to thwart color-copying fraud since the colored metal particles on an original will only reproduce as black when copied.


Holographic Inks can be printed via Flexographic or Silkscreen printing press methods.  Please note that in the above applications, experience has shown that continuous agitation of the ink in the reservoir while printing will prevent settling of the metal flakes, resulting in more transfer.


These products are supplied in 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers.