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Product Details & Technical Data Sheet

Security Series
Invisible Varnishes


Invisible Varnishes are clear coatings that have no color under normal lighting.  These products are available in high gloss, semi-gloss and matte finishes.  These inks are produced in three different forms: Solvent-Based, Water-Based and UV-Curable.  The Varnish reveals color only after it is exposed to long wavelength UV (366 nm) Black Light or short wavelength UV (254 nm) Black Light.


The Varnishes are formulated to be printed on security documents utilizing Flexographic, Rotogravure, Silkscreen and Stamp printing methods.  The Varnishes are available in several different colors, including Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange.


Product is packaged in 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon and 55 Gallon containers.  Shelf Life is approximately one year in a closed container at 68˚ - 72˚ F.