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Multi-Interference Color Inks


International Ink Company offers a range of  Multi-Interference Inks base on Pearlescent Pigment technology.  High in luster, Pearlescent pigments are a unique blend of natural mica and titanium dioxide, which in their printed form scatter light rays indiscriminately, yielding a differing color reflectance when viewed at varying angles and light sources. 

The pigments are physiologically harmless and can be used in food packaging and toys for children.  The pigments are not soluble in water, and do not contain any heavy metals making them environmentally benign. 

This scattering of indiscriminate light rays deters the duplication of a printed document with colors that present a different luster depending on the angle at which light is applied.  As a result of this phenomenon, the ink appears on photocopies as a blank image or as a completely different color than the original. 

There are many color choices, including silver and gold Pearlescents.  To determine the right product for your requirements, please contact our Technical Department at 1-800-INK-8988.


Multi-Interference Inks are produced and packaged in 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers.