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Specialty Inks
Inter-Pearl (Pearlescent) Inks


International Ink Company offers a range of Pearlescent-Pigmented colors in Water-Based and Solvent-Base ink systems for Flexographic, Rotogravure and Silkscreen printing processes.  High in luster, Pearlescent Pigments are a unique blend of natural mica and titanium dioxide, which in their printed form scatter light rays indiscriminately, yielding a differing color reflectance when viewed at varying angles and light sources.  These products have extreme cosmetic appeal since the luster of the finished product yields a smooth, rich finish.  The luster is further enhanced when printed over other colors, black and opaque white.

The Pearlescent Pigments are physiologically harmless and can be used in food packaging and in toys for children.  These pigments are not soluble in water, and do not contain any heavy metals, making them environmentally benign.

There are many color choices in this pigment range, including silver and gold Pearlescent Pigments.  To determine the correct product for your requirements, please contact our Technical Department at 800-INK-8988.


These inks are produced and packaged in 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers and 55-gallon drums.