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Product Details & Technical Data Sheet

Water-Based Graphic Inks
Inter-Add Series (Press-Side Additives)


International Ink Company offers a complete line of Water-Based additives to assist the craftsperson in the field.  These products include: 

            Extender Varnish


            Surfactants/Wetting Agents

            “Slow” Solvents – to adjust drying speed

            pH Modifiers/Stabilizers

            Viscosity Modifiers


            Wax Additives – for improved rub resistance

            Press Wash/Cleaning Solutions

For those customers employing solvent ink systems, a complete line of solvent blends for varying dry speeds are available, along with wetting agents and surfactants. 

For any requirements you have that are or are not listed above, please contact our Technical Department at 800-INK-8988.


Inter-Add Series (Press-Side Additives) are packaged in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers.