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Product Details & Technical Data Sheet

Water-Based Graphic Inks
Inter-Fluo Series (Fluorescent Colors)


International Ink Company (IIC) offers a complete range of brilliant Fluorescent colors used primarily for cosmetic or “eye-appeal” purposes.  Inter-Fluo Series Inks are based on the IIC color guide fluorescent ink series.  The dynamics of these brilliant colors are further accentuated when viewed under black light.  This series has a very low VOC content, and has virtually no odor. 

The Inter-Fluo Series Inks have been formulated at relatively low viscosity (15-20 seconds in a #3 Zahn cup) for excellent flow properties.  This unique concept promotes maximum cell release for full color strength with “one-hit” when the recommended Anilox is used.


Inter-Fluo Series Inks are suitable for Flexographic, Rotogravure and Silkscreen printing methods.


Inter-Fluo Series Inks are packaged in 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers and 55-gallon drums.