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Product Details & Technical Data Sheet

Water-Based Graphic Inks
Inter-Graph Series (Graphic & Line Colors)


International Ink Company offers low maintenance Water-Based Graphic Inks based on the Fourteen-Color system.  This line includes Four-Color Process Inks, Fluorescent and Metallic Gold and Silver Inks.  While these inks have excellent lightfastness properties, it is always recommended that particular ink requirements be discussed with our technical personnel.  This proven product line has been formulated with a very low VOC content, a pH range of 9-9.5, which produces excellent “speed of dry” characteristics at various press speeds, with a shipping viscosity of 25-30 seconds in a #3 Zahn cup.


IIC’s universal Water-Based Graphic Inks have been designed and formulated for a wide range of flexible substrates and are divided into two distinct groups:  One for general day to day production printing, and another to achieve superior lightfast requirements.  International Ink Company technical personnel will be pleased to evaluate your particular substrate requirements upon request.  Flexographic:  Inter-Graph Series Inks have been press tested to obtain true color reproduction on a variety of Anilox values.  We recommend that your specific Anilox roll needs be discussed with IIC’s technical sales representatives.

An indefinite number of shades and hues can be obtained with matches to the Fourteen Basic Colors to meet artwork requirements.  Please keep in mind that the shades will be affected by the porosity, sheen, and shade of the substrate printed upon.  These products have been approved by ACTS Testing Labs for non-heavy metal content.  For FDA requirements, please contact IIC for particular formulations to meet the criteria as cited in FDA, 21 CFR 175.300 and 175.320.


Inter-Graph Series Inks are packaged in 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers and 55-gallon drums.