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Product Details & Technical Data Sheet

Water-Based Graphic Inks
Inter-Met Series (Metallic Inks)


International Ink Company offers a complete range of Metallic Gold Water-Based Inks that match the seven different shades in the IIC color guide.  Silver, as shown in the color guide, is also available.  Custom color blends can also be matched to the customer’s specifications for the Metallic Blues, Reds, Greens and other shades.


Inter-Met Metallic Water-Based Inks are formulated for both Flexographic and Rotogravure printing processes.  For environmental reasons, these inks have a low VOC, extended shelf life, and high metallic luster due to the fine particle size used in the manufacturing process.


Inter-Met Series Inks are packaged in 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers and 55-gallon drums.