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Product Details & Technical Data Sheet

Water-Based Graphic Inks
Inter-Perm Series (Light-Fast Inks)


These products are similar to the Inter-Graph Flexographic Water-Based Inks, with emphasis placed upon pigment selection to insure that the required degrees of non-fading characteristics have been met.  This system should be used when the finished product is exposed to sunlight or heavy concentrations of direct indoor lighting for extended periods of time.

These products are more costly that the standard Inter-Graph line due to the fact that automotive grade pigments may be required for lightfastness that is superior to the conventional line of printing inks. 

All inks formulated in this series have been thoroughly tested in the fadeometer to insure that the number of exposure hours required does not fade the color, and that the product meets the criteria. 

It is important that your fade resistant requirements be discussed with our Technical Department to insure that the inks being formulated for your use meet the required number of exposure hours in the fadeometer.


Inter-Perm Series Inks have been designed and formulated for a wide range of flexible substrates, and are divided into two distinct groups:  One for general day to day production printing, and another to achieve superior lightfast requirements.  International Ink Company technical personnel will be pleased to evaluate your particular substrate requirements upon request.  IIC  recommends that your specific Anilox roll needs be discussed with IICís technical sales representatives.


Inter-Perm Series Inks are packaged in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers and 55 gallon drums.